Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I mentioned that Gracie was having seizure on Friday nights and she switched to Monday nights!

Grace had a 30 minute seizure last night. This was the first prolonged seizure since January 29th. The frequency of the seizures has picked up but with few exceptions, the duration of the seizures is down. Last night was an exception. Her medication levels are at the right place. She is right where they want her to be on the meds. THat is no longer the cause of the increased seizure frequency. Now we need to try to figure out what else could be causing the increase in seizures.

Tom and I are thinking that it may have to do with her diet. Grace is on a lower ration of fat to protein and carbohydrate that most people on the ketogenic diet. Grace is about 2 to 1; whereas the standard starting point is 4 to 1. We are wondering if it is time to re-tune her diet and get more restrictive again. At least maybe if we let her continue to eat unlimited protein, we may need to give her more fat to compensate.

As a result, her breakfast this morning was chicken kiev (a chicken breast drenched in butter) and fried egg with cheese. She also had her juice (keto-koolaid) with a helping of heavy cream mixed in. This is actually very delicious. Her juice is orange flavored and it ends up tasking like an orange creamsicle - at least to us!